Our friends with co-ops and cottage schools:

The Orchard

The Orchard is a weekly homeschool cooperative meeting in the Columbia area.  Our students learn and grow together in classrooms modeled around Charlotte Mason's principles and methods. We have classes from nursery to 6th grade, and offer a range of subjects, from the traditional core subjects to painting study, composer study, and poetry. We are a Christian community, dedicated to serving the Lord and honoring Him in all that we do. The website is www.theorchardcoop.com. 

Nisi Dominus

Nisi Dominus is an intimate, bi-monthly co-op that meets in Relay, MD. Children ages 6-10 are taught enrichment subjects (such as hymn, nature study and picture study) by each of the participating mothers in the philosophy of Charlotte Mason with the hope of leading their hearts and minds to God. Contact Victoria Bako for more information at v.d.bako@gmail.com. 

Friday Feast PNEU Playroom and Cottage School

​Families meet weekly on Fridays in Rockville, MD and a discussion of Home Education occurs during the lunch hour. Features of this Charlotte Mason Cottage School include Shakespeare and Natural History Club. For more information contact Nicole Handfield at handfieldshalom@gmail.com. 

Our friends West of Baltimore:

The Central MD West Discussion Group meets monthly in Eldersburg.  For the current reading assignment and meeting location, please contact Morag Webb at iamicanioughtiwill@gmail.com.

Our friends in Virginia:

The Northern Virginia Discussion Group is currently meeting on the second Saturday of each month at Swiss Bakery in Springfield, Virginia from 9:30 to 11:00 am.  For more information, including the current reading assignment, please contact Maria Bell atmariafbell@gmail.com.

Potato Planters, Jean-Francois Millet, 1861

Our friends North of Baltimore:

The Charlotte Mason Maryland North Discussion Group is meeting in Parkville, MD on the third Saturday of the month.  For the current reading assignment and meeting location, please contact Becky Christ at becklyofsunnybrookfarm@gmail.com.

​For Charlotte Mason Maryland North Nature Outings, please contact Sarah Owens at sbethowens@gmail.com.​​

Charlotte Mason Maryland

Cultivating relationships, nourishing minds, and preparing souls for His glory while growing together in the Christ-centered educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason