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About Us

Charlotte Mason Maryland exists to cultivate community among those who have embraced Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education as well as to nurture our children's relationships with God and His created world while acknowledging that He is the imparter of all knowledge. We offer many opportunities for growth and fellowship with families traveling this road together, and we look forward to having you join us along the way. 

Mrs. Cassatt Reading to her Grandchildren, Mary Cassatt, 1888

The Gleaners, Jean-Francois Millet, 1857

The Nut Gatherers,  William Adolphe Bouguereau, 1882

Charlotte Mason Maryland

Cultivating relationships, nourishing minds, and preparing souls for His glory while growing together in the Christ-centered educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason

“No other part of the world’s work is of such supreme difficulty, delicacy and importance, as that of parents in the right bringing up of their children. The first obligation of the present—that of passing forward a generation better than ourselves—rests with parents. As every child belongs to the commonweal, so his bringing up is the concern of all. Yet parents, with the responsibility of the world’s future resting upon them, are left to do their work, each father and mother alone, rarely getting so much as a word of sympathy, counsel, or encouragement. All other bodies of workers, whether of hand or brain, enjoy the help and profit of association; commonly, of co-operation. Thus the wisdom, the experience, the information of each is made profitable for all; enthusiasm is generated by the union of many for the advancement of a cause, and every member is cheered by the sympathy of his fellow workers.”

Charlotte Mason

written in the pamphlet titled Draft Proof published in 1888